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Teen Patti Craze is surely the best Teen Patti game and nope, we don't say it. Our players say so themselves and now, we invite you to try the fun with the Teen Patti Craze App. Download it now on your smartphone to play games like 3 Patti, Car Roulette, Dragon and Tiger, Andar Bahar, and many more such exciting titles.

The Best Teen Patti Game For Multiple Reasons

With 3 Patti Master, your gaming experience is fabulous, to say the least. The game's smooth UI, our robust security measures, secure payment gateway, regular bonuses, and other factors make it the best Teen Patti Game in 2024. And don't worry, these aren't just some gimmicky claims, we deliver what we promise.

33+ Exciting Real Cash Games

The Teen Patti Craze app comes with more than 33 real cash games and the numbers are only going to increase.

Earn Money Playing Games

Why do anything else when you can just earn money playing games with 3 Patti Master? No boundations!

Free Daily and Referral Bonuses!

Want some free bonuses? Refer the Teen Patti Craze app to your friends, log in daily, and keep winning real cash!

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Don't get stuck with small winnings. Try our Jackpot Luck 3 Patti and WIN BIIIIIIG.

Play Teen Patti and Win Real Cash!

Playing Teen Patti at Teen Patti Craze gives you the ultimate joy and rewards. With an easy-to-navigate UI, simple gameplay, interactive graphics, and mouthwatering cash wins, the Teen Patti game is something else with 3 Patti Master.

Teen Patti is the Indian version of poker, where players play with three cards and the player with the best cards wins the game after an exciting round of increasing bets, seeing cards, and strategizing. Since you already know the rules, what's stopping you from trying your hand at Teen Patti Craze? Download the game today, play your heart out, and win real cash with this Teen Patti Game.

Teen Patti Craze Download - Why Wait Any Longer?

Downloading the Teen Patti Craze app is a cinch. All you need to do is tap the button below and the download will start automatically.

Teen Patti
Crash Game
Car Roulette
Point Rummy Game
Andar Bahar Game
Jhandi Munda
Jhandi Munda
Safari Of Wealth

Moreover, you can also download the best Teen Patti game, 3 Patti Master from the Google Play Store directly on your smartphone.

Money Earning Games & Guaranteed Thrill

The 3 Patti Master App is full of fan-favorite money earning games. It's not just Teen Patti that is a popular game, right? Titles like Car Roulette Game, Dragon vs Tiger Game, and some slot games are appreciated greatly and loved by many. Naturally, we have added all of them under one roof for you!

Car Roulette Game

Who doesn't like the Car Roulette Game? Filled with some fast cruising cars that you place your bets on, this game gives you the thrill of a car game where you get the opportunity to win huge cash prizes. The rules are simple, you simply put a bet on one of the available car brands like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc. If your bet turns out to be the winner one, your earnings will be HUGE. A lost bet is…well, a loss.

The Car Roulette game is one of the top rated games on Teen Patti Craze and we highly recommend you to try it too on our app.

Dragon Tiger Game

Why do anything else when you can just earn money playing games with 3 Patti Master? No boundations!

Sounds easy, doesn't it? The Dragon and Tiger game is equally easy to play and trust us, you must try it for some quick buck on Teen Patti Craze.

Andar Bahar Game

The classic Indian real cash title, the Andar Bahar Game is one of our flagship offerings! Although it's an easy one, the rules might be slightly confusing for the Andar Bahar Game. Put simply, the dealer will draw out a card in the center, and then you have to predict the side (andar or bahar) that will get a card of the same value.

A right prediction will mean some magnificent cash prizes for you, while a wrong prediction will be, as usual, a loss. So, predict the right side and win big in the Andar Bahar Game!

Winning Slot Machines

Winning slot machines means winning a good fortune on 3 Patti Master. Here, you will find some of the greatest slot games like Explorer Slots, Cricket Heroes, Slot Machine, and Slots. All these games are designed with utmost detail to provide the best gaming experience for you.

Obviously, with a great gaming experience, you also win mind-boggling cash prizes with our winning slot machines.

Thus, the winning slot machines and our money earning games make Teen Patti Craze just the best game to play and earn money online. Is there any reason for you to wait now? Download our Teen Patti app now and claim your free bonus too!


Here are some frequently asked questions

You can play 3 Patti Rummy on the Teen Patti Craze mobile app from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is download the app and start playing today!

The rules of 3 Patti are as follows:
  • The dealer gives three cards to each player.
  • The highest card in value is the Ace, then the King, and then the following cards.
  • Players win when they have a better sequence of cards, higher value cards, or cards of the same color, etc.

Teen Patti Craze is the best 3 Patti Game for real money. It not only has your favorite Teen Patti game but also more than 33 other games that will keep you occupied throughout the day.

Although folks often get confused between the two, Teen Patti is not Rummy. It is more similar to Poker. To be precise, Teen Patti can be called Indian poker.

Asking how to win 3 Patti every time is like asking how to always win a bet without knowing the outcome. Teen Patti is a skill-based game that also requires some luck. So, if you are a seasoned Teen Patti player and get the right set of cards, you are sure to win most games. But even veterans find it difficult to win every 3 Patti game that they play.

The highest pair in 3 Patti is A-A-K, as per the value this pair holds.

Generally, a game of Teen Patti is played by 3 to 6 players at a time.

With Teen Patti Craze, playing Teen Patti online is absolutely safe. Our app poses no risks to your data or device. Moreover, our security measures for the games, payment methods, and other related things are foolproof and trustworthy.

Yes, playing 3 Patti in India is legal and you can start playing now with Teen Patti Craze.

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