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Jhandi Munda Game
Jhandi Munda Game
Jhandi Munda Game
Jhandi Munda Game

The Jhandi Munda game is nothing short of a fun adventure that involves some luck and strategy. The dealer rolls 6 dice in the game and the rightly predicted faces help players win money with this online casino game. Out of the 6 dice, if your predictions turn out to be true for 2 or more faces, you will get up to 100 times your betting amount!!! With the Jhandi Munda Game, your winning chances are more than 83%, which is higher than most casino games.

Thus, playing Jhandi Munda is surely one of the better choices that you can make in your online casino adventures. Moreover, with Teen Patti Craze, the Jhandi Munda download hustle gets taken care of since our premium gaming app has more than 33 casino games, including Jhandi Munda. Thus, you do not have to download multiple apps to play that many games, since 3 Patti Master brings all of your favorite casino and rummy games under 1 roof.


The rule of the Jhandi Munda Game is quite simple – The dealer rolls 6 dice and the players need to predict the faces that will come up on all the dice. The player with the highest number of right predictions wins the game.

You can win at Jhandi Munda by predicting the right faces that would come up when the dealer throws the 6 dice.

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