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The Red VS Black Rummy Game

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Red VS Black Game
Red VS Black Game
Red VS Black Game
Red VS Black Game

Do you remember the Dragon VS Tiger game? This rummy game, Red VS Black, is very similar to that. Although both these colors do not go for a showdown like the dragon and the tiger, you need to choose your bet from either of the two to win this rummy online. In this simple rummy game, a card is drawn, which can either be a red card or a black one. The players need to choose their bet before the card is drawn, thus making Red VS Black a pure game of luck.

When you place your bet on either of the colors and wait for the result, you will get chills down your spine. This feeling is what makes this rummy game such a great one on Teen Patti Craze. Think of all those fun games that you get on our app, including Teen Patti, slots, and some world-famous casino games. These are reason enough for you to download 3 Patti Master now and play till your phone dies (so you can charge it and play again!!).

FAQs for the Red VS Black Game

Playing the Red VS Black game is fairly easy. You just need to download the Teen Patti Craze app where you will find Red VS Black and numerous other rummy games. Within the game itself, you need to place your bet on either of the colors (red and black) and anticipate the results. If your chosen color is the same as the one on the next drawn card, you win.

To win the Red and Black game, you need to rely on your luck when choosing any one color out of the two. The right choice will result in a win and some amazing prizes too.

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