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Zandu: The Fan-Favorite
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Zandu Game
Zandu Game
Zandu Game
Zandu Game

Zandu is a type of Teen Patti game that involves seeing one card beforehand, unlike Teen Patti where all cards are hidden from the players initially. This basic distinction between the two 3 Patti games makes them totally different and enjoyable in their own right. Zandu is a classic card game online that falls under the rummy category, which is more widely known throughout the world.

This Teen Patti game, just like Teen Patti Craze, 3 Patti War, Muflis Teen Patti, and AK47 Teen Patti, needs you to use the best of your strategies and cunningness to keep your opponents under a false light and win the game swiftly. Most Teen Patti games are more about fun and thrill than money, and if you want either of those, Teen Patti Craze would be your favorite online casino. To enjoy all of our Teen Patti games, download the 3 Patti Master app for free.

FAQs for Zandu

Nope, 3-card poker is not all luck. All Teen Patti/3-card poker games require some thoughtful strategies and smart gaming tricks to win. To be precise, 3-card poker is a combination of luck and strategy.

Card games are not illegal in India if played in moderation. For your safety and well-being, we suggest you play your favorite card games and poker like Teen Patti only on the Teen Patti Craze app.

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